WSO Engine Oil 15W40 CI4/SL

Minimizes Oil consumption. Satisfying most diesel engine OEM oil demands. Hyro-treated base, inherent thermal-stability and anti-oxidation properly Particular suitable for the modern diesel engine equipped with EGR.



Today’s technology trend of diesel engine is towards more environment conscious products with less gas emission and longer overhaul period. Coming along with these development, new devices like the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) rely much more on the performance of the engine oil being used. WSO TITANIUM TURBO DIESEL 800 LOW ASH ENGINE OIL, using only the hydro treated base oil to maximize the protection under severe operating conditions, is well positioned to address those needs.

Blended from hydro-treated base stocks and a high technology core additive package, WSO TITANIUM TURBO DIESEL 800 LOW ASH ENGINE OIL is truly a universal heavy duty diesel oil meeting the stringent European ACEA standard as well as American API performance. This means WSO TITANIUM TURBO DIESEL 800 LOW ASH ENGINE OIL is simply the top player for both the modern North American engines and the top-tier West European engines.

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